Thursday, June 11, 2009

fresh starts, clean floors

I've always had a hard time keeping on top of anything that requires maintenence. Lately I've been realizing how much I crave routine, and feeling like I have time for the simple basics of life; reading a book, weeding my garden, learning how to bake bread. The more I think about the disorganization I feel in my life, and how it relates to the disorganization in my head, the more I feel compelled to make domestic endeavors a spiritual practice.

"Some, like me, are just beginning to guess at the powerful religion of ordinary life, a spirituality of freshly mopped floors, and stacked dishes and cloths blowing on the line" Adair Lara

This morning I began with dishwashing and floor mopping, metaphorically giving myself a clean slate for the day. When I approach housecleaning, or any chore, this way, it gives me a chance to clear my mind too, gives room for new thoughts. It becomes an exercise in mindfullness rather than a chore. I like it. With such a small house, it's especially important to maintain on a daily basis. it also males me think about other things that need maintenence on a daily basis, like relationships. Leave them alone for too long and you're left with a dusty stack of intentions. So here's to dishrags, mops, lawnmowers and all instruments of spacial and mental clarity.


  1. This is beautiful! I'm so glad you started a blog. Now we enter the deep mind of Liz stika! I'm excited! heehee
    Blogging actually helps me find mental clarity in my life. I reallu enjoy it. In fact I just posted about how doing my laundry is more than just a chore.

  2. beautifully expressed! oh how i love your life and draw inspiration from how you choose to live. and geesh, even the way you set up your farmers market stand is spiritual/beautiful so yeah, mopping and weeding would be spiritual too.